I’m asking this old oak tree 200 year I presumed

Since I were born
1992: The 1992 Summer Olympics In Spain
1993: Bill Clinton Becomes US President
1994: US Invades Haiti
1995: Oklahoma City Bombing
1996: Saudi Arabia Mid Air Collision
1997: Spacecraft Pathfinder Lands On Mars
1998: Central American Hurricane Kills 10,000
1999: HIV Virus Traced
2001: September 11th World Trade Centre Attacks
2002: Airshow Accident In Ukraine
2003: Saddam Hussein Was Captured
2004: Indian Ocean Earthquake And Tsunami
2005: London Won The Bid For the 2012 Olympics
2006: New Horizons Sets Of For Pluto
2007: Burj Khalifa Became The World Tallest Building
2008: Barack Obama Elected As U.S President
2009: Copenhagen Summit
2010: Julian Assange Arrested
2011: Steve Jobs Passed Away
2012: Luxury Cruise Ship Runs Aground In Italy
2013: Scientists Successfully Clone Human Stem Cells
2014: Facebook Bought WhatsApp
2015: ISIS Terrorists Strike on Three Continents

That what I know going on out there
Now I’m asking this old oak tree 200 year I presumed
What did he know?
1816 that when he were born
Who planted you?
Who watered you?
You did it all by yourself?
You have been living till this day
What did you see?
What people did beside you?
Are they trying to took you down?
Kids play under your shadow?
Couples sat by your root?
Some one used you to hang himself?
Boys carved girls name on you?
Have you protected soldiers behind you?
Did some one urinate on you?
How was the toughest weather?
I hope you saved someone life

Asking you all this you can not tell me
Some one will ask you again
That time he might understand you




Troy E. Dante

click for list of the events from 1992-2015

daily prompt : tree


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