A ripped page from boy’s diary

Dear diary

Hi my self in the future again. I hope you still kept this page.
Or else you who reading this got it some how.
That mean don’t find me.
Cause I’m gone.
Today was a wild night for me and my best friend.
Yeah he is that one popular kid in high school.
Tall athlete with curly long brunette hair bright blue eyes.
I am his friend of course tall and athlete that why we’re friend.
Dark black short hair and hazel eyes.
We’re in football team.
Not sure why I’m not popular among girls like him.
I’m not mad just jealous.
Came the night.
After party at one of our class mate house.
We were at this room just two of us.
Sat close together on the bed.
He turned his head and looked at me.
Told me he like me.
That moment clarified my jealous at him.
I realized I was not jealous because he’s more popular.
All of my cell in the body tried to get close to him.
I wanted to kiss that lips that all I ever wanted all along.
And we kissed for how long? I’m not capable of to known.
This is all I ever wanted with him.
He’s my friend my best friend.
I’m attracted by him.
I desired his body. I love him.

Then the sound from his lips came out.
“I’m testing you”



— Troy E. Dante


daily prompt : test


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