Used to live here

Hey! Oleksander grab this cabbages and wash it. Alright mom. And Nataliya don’t look at the TV all day come here. Help me cook the supper tonight we have borsch with bread. Your father favorite. But we don’t have potatoes left. Where’s Bimka he should be coming back by this time huh? Look like some one else feeding him again. Danilo go pick up some potatoes back yard and quickly don’t flirting with neighbor’s daughter again understand? Haha no way! We will be starving waiting for his tomatoes. Vasylna we are all a little bit busy don’t you think? Me too. Mom.  I’m looking after Yevheniy. Don’t let him cry isn’t that what you want?

So much work to do for tonight dinner.
Noisy with an old woman scream at her child.
The boys, the girls laughing and playing while helping the work.
This house always like this chaos noisy but full of life and smile.
Big and cozy family the great dinner awaiting.

Boiling pot, cabbage pedaled, tomatoes rolling on the ground, the door wild open Everything left unfinished.



— Troy E. Dante


daily prompt : unfinished

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