Her plan for us

Darkness touched. I see no thing. I feel my skin being crunch. I hear my self drowning. I can not breathe but alive. I’m here. My mother brings me here. I won’t remember but I realize. Now I’m a grow man. A father of four. Mother giving us this land. Her land. Her prosperity. We dwell on it. I see. We all see. My mother is dying. My father is crying. Boots on the ground. We’re on a go. Things packed and weather cold. Father says no. You all go I’ll take care. Line through the land. Tear straight down. Never look back. Hopefully mother give us new ground. I’m not begging but I am looking. Day by day. Night by night. Wearying. A testament, written on our bodies. My sweet heart. My child. I’ll make Her yield to us. Carry on our way. Don’t you worry. She has a plan for you. Dwellers, that’s a blue sky.



Troy E. Dante — Tree of life

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