Undiscovered road

Since we were here we have one purpose.
To survive.
Killing that how we survive.
Killing our treat.
Killing what we see in front of us.
Killing one another.
Killing what we need for food.
That fruit.
That flower.
That plant.
Any thing we can eat we can used of.
That rock.
That mountain.
That woods.
All start with this and it going on and on.

No, not this time.
We surpass our purpose.
We had survive.
We learn to help each others.
We learn to plant a tree to farm a plant.
We learn to get rid of out own mess.
We invented clean energy clean industrial process.
We learn.
We do learn.
We raise.
We raise our child to learn to develop to process.
To surpass us.
To go into the future the place where we couldn’t think of.
Where we never print our foot on.
Look at them.
Look at them go.
Let them go.
Road they choose.
We’re done.
We will become the mother we will be the Earth.
They walk pass us again and again.
They know we are here down under them.
Their parent. their passed. their ancestor. their good old-time.
Though this place and this time is not old any more.
Leave it just on their memory.

Fresh and excitement awaiting.
Keep the lesson.
Be thank full.
Be wise.
Be brave.
And keep going.

Troy E. Dante — Tree of life

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