Dear Mother

How many life are there?
How many life tell me my mother.
I am reaching to you my mother.
How many life fallen and piled up your dirt?
How many life you embed them under your Earth?
How many life you have taken away mother?
You give birth.
You take life.
You’ve given me most precious gift and you took her away.
You let us bonded you let us love and you kept her away.
Ever let some one go? Ever have mercy?
I’m your son. she is your daughter.
In the morning, We were laughing together.
Where is she now?
Don’t you hear my voice is roaring.
Don’t you feel my tear is pouring.
She is in front of me.


She is the love of mine.
She’ll be with my heart till the very last of me.
She’ll be with me.
Mother you can’t have her.
You can’t have us further.

This time you take us both.


Troy E. Dante — Tree of life

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